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Net Neutrality - Part 2

THE INTERNET OBAMA WANTS - Obama has proposed Net Neutrality in the form of Government regulation as a utility. So this will stop the Large Carriers from being able to charge for premium content but once regulated as a Utility you will have to pay taxes and BS regulatory fees on your internet that you do not today and that are unnecessary. As a ISP here in Colorado I will have to hire additional staff to charge you these taxes (We currently charge you none) and to fill out all the bureaucratic paperwork and quarterly reports on how many subscribers we have, how much internet they used and so on. So I will pass that cost on to you by raising my prices to cover these unnecessary costs and so will all the other providers.

THE INTERNET THE WAY IT SHOULD BE - The internet should be regulated just as it is now. 5 years ago when Net Neutrality came up the FCC voted to let it ride and they should do that now with one exception which is to tell the larger carriers that they can't charge for premium content and the web is exactly what net neutrality refers to in its name - NEUTRAL! Under this model I deliver all content that my customers request equally whether it is an email, or a Video, yes that means a little more management on my side in terms of how we route traffic to you but we are already doing that today. I have large business that use my Network during the day, and at night consumers use it so it balances out fine. Also, Every year since I got into this business my prices have been driven down due to competition, that won't change. Look at Long distance, In 1992 it was 50 cents per minute, 95' 33 cents, 99' 15 cents, 2001 - 10 cents, Today 1 - 2 cents or included with most plans. An Internet T1 to a business in 2005 was 599, today 189 Last year I sold a 100Mb connection to a large client for $1799 per month. I will renew him shortly at a drastically reduced rate for the same connection. So believe me Consumers and business are benefiting from how the Internet is today. You think your Cable Internet or DSL bill sucks today. Wait until I have to add $25 in BS taxes and government fees to it. One final thing, Once it is regulated as a utility carriers will have no reason to invest in the network or new services. Why do you still think 70% of our power is provided by Coal - Regulation!

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