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Colocation Right Here in

Colorado Springs



Don't take your colocation to Denver, PCI Broadband offers great colocation in a large monitored facility just East of downtown Colorado Springs. With generator backup and multiple Internet connections we can provide the up-time that your business needs.

Even if you have great Internet connectivity to your business location you just can't replicate the power redundancy, cooling redundancy, and Internet redundancy of a real Data Center. Don't spend your time managing a Data Center “like” facility simplify your business and let us handle managing a Data Center.

Whether you need space for a single server, half/full cabinet or entire private cage space PCI Broadband has the room, power and cooling available now.

Direct Connection to your colocate – Using the PCI Broadband wireless or fiber network it is possible to get a direct connection to your colocation and share the Internet between the two locations.

PCI Broadband Colocation pricing starts as low as $99.95 per month for a single server. To find out more about the PCI Broadband Data Center contact a salesman today.

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