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Home Phone available.

What is it?  PCI Broadband Voice is a phone service that utilizes VOIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) Technology to deliver Local Phone Service, Long Distance, and Virtual PBX features all over a broadband connection. You can use your DSL or PCI Wireless Broadband connection to speak to anyone using your phone.  All of the popular features of a regular phone service are available.


Broadband Voice Unlimited is the perfect plan for the homeowner that needs a home phone and wants to consolidate to save money.  Your Unlimited plan provides telephone communication to land line telephones, cell phones, international phones*, not just other voip phones like some services.  All US calls in our voip network are free.  Already use your cell phone?  Need a home phone for your children's security?  Want the freedom of not tracking minutes?  This is the plan for you.


Residential Phone


Includes the same features you're used to... and more

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This service is available worldwide from any broadband connection.  Take your voip phone adapter with you on vacation and keep the same phone number.  You can even choose to have a number with an area code in any state to save on long distance charges for you or your family.

E911 Customer Disclosure:

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