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Business Wireless

1 Gigabit Speeds now available on the PCI Broadband Business Wireless Network.


Utilizing the power and reach of the 230 mile PCI Broadband Fiber network we can bring up to 1 Gigabit Internet access to your business. The PCI Broadband wireless network is a great complement to our Fiber network and greatly expands the buildings we can bring High-Speed Internet access. At a fraction of the cost of building fiber through the street.


PCI Broadband's wireless Internet is also a great choice to to backup your primary Internet connection. Using wireless to backup your terrestrial based network protects you from the dreaded backhoe damage all in ground networks occasionally suffer.


PCI Broadband's wireless network is also directly connected to the PCI Broadband Data Center giving you unmatched connectivity to your network and backup servers.


PCI Broadband's business Wireless packages start as low as $99.95 per month. 

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