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Residential Fiber Internet

Currently available in these communities...

Gold Hill Mesa
Forest Meadows
Tuscany Ridge
Presidio Point
Countryside North
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PCI Broadband has Fiber Optic Internet Service available in several communities along the front range.  Fiber optics provides a medium to deliver the fastest speeds available; directly to your home!

So sign up today and enjoy surfing the web, streaming video, uploading pictures and movies, backing up your data and more; all at the speed of light!

If PCI Broadband fiber optic Internet Service is not available in your area please check out our High Speed Wireless Internet Service.

  • PCI Broadband provides the equipment to deliver Fiber optic service directly to your home at no up-front or monthly charge.

  • Loss or damage of PCI Broadband equipment will result in a $150 equipment charge. All PCI Broadband equipment must be retrieved by a PCI Broadband Technician at the end of your service. Fiber optic equipment provides one Ethernet hand off to your home for in-home wi-fi a customer provided router is required.

* only available in certain areas

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