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Business Phone Service with VoIP Broadband

access available.

What is it?  PCI Broadband Voice is a phone service that utilizes VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Technology to deliver Local Phone Service, Long Distance, and Virtual PBX features all over a broadband connection. 


What does it cost?  Business lines start at $24.95 a month and includes unlimited inbound and outbound local calling with long distance capabilities.  Business plans start at $24.95 per line including class 5 features. 


What are the features?  NO Long Distance between offices, 4 digit dialing between offices anywhere in the US,  Unified Messaging, Find me Follow me and much more.

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unlimited inbound and outbound local calling with long distance capabilities

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voip business phone
This image is a typical Polycom Phone.

PCI Broadband Voice Service Agreement

Please coordinate with your local phone service provider to ensure continuation of other services that may be needed. PCI Broadband Voice Service Agreement VOIP service requires a routable IP address.  In most cases this will require the addition of a network switch.



Business Plan 

  • Class 5

  • Unlimited Outbound Local Calling: Cost: $24.95 line 1yr

  • Unlimited Inbound Local Calling

  • Long Distance Capability

  • Unlimited On-Net Calling


Business Plan Plus 

  • Business Plan Features Above                          Cost: $32.95 line 2yr

  • Unified Messaging                                            Cost: $34.95 line 1yr

  • Find Me Follow Me

  • Audio Conferencing

                    Personal Locator                    o Remote Click to Call                     o Favorite Contacts (Speed Dial)                    o Personal Phone Management                     o Call Logs                     o Personalized Inbound Call Treatments


Expanded Presence

  • $9.95 per month and 3.5 Cents per minute

  • Long distance Options (Interstate / Instate)

  • Unlimited On-Net to On-Net Long Distance Calling

  • Standard Long Distance - $0.035 per minute

  • 500 Minute Package - $16.25 (3.25/ min)

  • 1000 Minute Package - $30.00 (3.0/ min)

  • 2500 Minute Package - $68.75 (2.75/ min)

  • 5000 Minute Package - $125.00 (2.50/ min)

  • 10000 Minute Package - $200.00 (2.0/ min)


IP Trunking

  • 2/1 Trunking                       Cost:  $30.00

  • 3/1 Trunking                       Cost:  $35.00

  • 4/1 Trunking                       Cost:  $40.00


Additional Add-Ons

  • Auto Attendant                   Cost:  $30.00 mo

  • Call Center                         Cost:  $125.00 mo

  • Receptionist Console          Cost:  $90.00 mo


*Auto Attendant MRC waived with 15 or more lines
911 surcharge             $1.95 per line
Directory Assistance - $1.25 per call





  • Eliminates Internal Site to Site Long Distance with 4 or 5 digit dialing

  • Replace multiple voicemail and conferencing systems with one

  • Reduce Operational and Capital Expenses       

  • Eliminate costs of PBX-switch maintenance and upgrades

  • Eliminate intra-location calls and network lines

  • Eliminate costs for moves, adds, changes and deletes.

  • Reduce Long Distance Costs

  • Eliminate reimbursements for remote and mobile workers

Eliminate need for the PBX, IP- PBX or Key Systems


  • Long Distance as low as 2 cents per minute

  • Voice and Web Conferencing 9.9 cents per minute

  • Local Lines starting @ $24.95 per line with Voicemail

  • Lower Taxes Currently that traditional Business Phone Service

  • No Long Distance between offices

  • Seasonal Business Line Hibernation

  • Class 5 features included at no additional cost!  Quit paying for Hunting, Caller ID, Forwarding etc.

  • Fax to email, Voicemail to email and Visual Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Dial by name or Speech Recognition and record multiple greetings to play tocallers based on the identification of the calling party, time of day or current location. Call Logs Missed, Outbound, Inbound. Call Log Click to Call, Click to email.Personal Locator Callers can program up to three phone numbers in which system can look for them.Remote calling, Telecommuters, Mobile workers can use system, Call Center Allows call routing to off-site workers based on availabilityMusic on Hold


E911 Customer Disclosure:

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