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Net Neutrality - part 1

OK Lets get something straight about Net Neutrality! Because a there is a lot of talk out there about it right now and it is all dirtying up the water.

THE INTERNET TODAY - You pay for a speed say 40Mbps Down by say 10 up meaning you can download content at up to 40megs down (ie streaming a Netflix movie) and you can upload content at up to 10Mbps up ( ie loading pictures or videos to your facebook profile) I say UP TO because unless you are in Fiber to the Home network such as my companies (Shameless plug) you are on shared network so your actual speed depends on how many people in your neighborhood are online at the time and using the net.

THE INTERNET THE BIG CARRIERS WANT ie Comcast, Centurylink, Verizon etc. They want you to pay a fee for a certain package but they want to charge you extra for premium content, such as streaming Netflix, making a VOIP phone call, or a live video chat with your friend overseas. This would most likely be measured by how many Megabytes of premium data you used each month. Think of it like the Old Days when you used to pay for Long Distance Calls at say 10 cents per minute. If you talked more to call your Friend or Family across the country you paid more. So under this model for example the more movies you streamed the more your bill would be at the end of the month.

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