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Business Fiber

Bring the speed of light right to your building. PCI Broadband has a 230 mile fiber network right here in Colorado Springs. The Northern boundary of our Network is Interquest Parkway and then runs South all the way through Fountain. The Eastern Boundary is Markshuffel Rd through the Western Boundary of Garden of the Gods and many places in between and directly to the PCI Broadband Data Center


If your business or building is close to one of the PCI fiber nodes prepare yourself for the fastest speeds and lowest latency because you are now part of the PCI Broadband Network and just one hop away from the Internet.


Our fiber Internet connections start as low as 10Mb ($299.95) and run though all speeds up to 1Gbps.


To find out how close you are to the PCI Broadband Fiber network contact PCI Broadband today.

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