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5 Road Trips to take A.S.A.P.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

While it may not be the most efficient road to travel, the extra time driving along the watere is well worth it. This stretch of road winds down the California coast and has all the sights from high up cliffs that drop off to an endless ocean, to seaside beach drives and couldn’t be any more beautiful.

The Loneliest Road in America

The actual name of this 3,200 mile bed of asphalt is actually US-50 and it covers the states from the east coast to the west coast through D.C., Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and San Francisco to name a couple stops. So pack up, snack up, and spend some quality time out on the open road.

The James River, Virginia

This is a treat for the history buffs. In the land of historic Williamsburg and Jamestowne you can explore old mansions, former plantations, and famous gardens that are the birth of the U.S..

Seward Highway, Alaska

If you don’t mind a bit of chill, this is the road trip to take. You’ll see nothing but nature for 127 miles once this journey is begun and it’s chalk full of wildlife, glaciers, and marine life to keep company the whole way through.

The America Road Trip

For those who want it all, take the ultimate road trip through all 50 states. The best route has just been mapped out and released to the world for all those who are brave enough to take on the country in a car so plan it out and go for it!

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