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High Speed Wireless Internet access available from PCI Broadband.

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Residential Wireless Install Monthly Charge
Up to 1 Meg Connection
FREE $39.95
Up to 3 Meg Connection FREE $49.95
Up to 5 Meg Connection FREE $59.95

If you do not have an ethernet card already installed in your computer, you will need to install one or a USB to ethernet converter. Windows 98 se or newer operating system is needed for a wireless connection

Bundle and save with our VOIP package.

If you are already a PCI customer, your email addresses and personal web pages with PCI will remain unchanged!

$100 credit from PCI Broadband off total install fee. Actual install fee may vary due to location conditions

Business Wireless Monthly Charge
Up to 1 Meg Connection $99.95
Up to 2 Meg Connection $119.95
Up to 5 Meg Connection $149.95
Up to 10 Meg Connection $199.95

Higher speeds are available, please call for a quote.

Static and Subnets are available for an additional fees.

Install fees for Business accounts vary depending on environmental variables

The install fee is a non-refundable charge.

Please read the following:
A 12-month contract is required. After installation you have a 30-day trial period to cancel with no penalty. After the 30 day trial period there is a $200 early cancellation fee if service is cancelled before 1-year contract has expired.

Unless customer purchases equipment PCI Broadband retains ownership of wireless equipment. Failure to return wireless equipment to PCI Broadband at end of service will result in a one time $500 equipment charge.

PCI Broadband credit approval is necessary for wireless equipment installation.

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