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Colocation Services

Finally! High quality, low cost server colocation for Colorado Springs businesses.

Like everything else we do, our colocation pricing is simple:

  • Setup Fee: $250
  • Colocation Fee: $50/month/1U of rack space
  • Bandwidth Fee: $100/month per 500kbps (upgradeable in 500kbps increments with a minimum of 1 Mbps)

Note: 1U = 1.75 inches of vertical rack space. All our cabinets are industry standard 19 inch width, lockable, telco grade cabinets.

Our colocation services are offered in our secured data center that features controlled access, dual city power grids, UPS, diesel generator, controlled climate, fire suppression, remote power cycle and more.

The bandwidth that we provide to your server is controlled at our switch.  You can upgrade your level of service by 500kpbs increments at anytime.  The colocation bandwidth is redundant within our network between 3 separate routers.

Please contact us if you'd like more information on our colocation service or if you'd like a tour of our data center.

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